Blundstone Boot Review: 3 months of travel, wet weather, and rough terrain

blundstone boot review

In this Blundstone boots review I’ll tell you my experience with these popular all-weather rugged boots. While three months does not give me a chance to talk about their long-term durability, I’m confident to speak on many aspects of this boot including comfort, water resistance and ruggedness, style, and convenience.

Product Link: Blundstone 550 boots in Rustic Brown
Specifically, my boots are the Rustic Brown with a model number of 585.

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I purchased the Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown boots in December and I’m writing this Blundstone boot review in mid-March. Since then I have put them through rain and snow, dirt and rocks, two airports, miles of pavement, hours of driving, and at least 30-ish days at the ice hockey rink.

blundstone boot review rustic brown
Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown after a rain. They look lighter sometimes

Being from Southern California I typically wear Rainbow sandals most of the year and on the occasions I need shoes, I wear Vans. I’ve worked a blue-collar outdoor job for the past 18 years so my feet have been in lace-up boots a big chunk of my life. Besides the occasional hiking boot, this is the first time I’ve worn boots outside of work. This is also the first time I’ve experienced Chelsea boots, or any slip on boot for that matter. I got the urge to try slip-on boots after shopping for my wife’s Christmas present — some Dr. Marten Chelsea boots. I despise shoe laces so the thought of just slipping on some boots as easy as my flip-flop sandals is what appealed to me the most.

Ruggedness & Comfort of my Blundstone Boots

Now I see why so many people call these the perfect travel shoes. In early January we took the family on our annual trip the snow in our local mountains. We spent four days up in Lake Arrowhead, California and experienced a mix of freezing rain, slushy streets, some hail and a bit of snow.

blundstone boot review snow
This is how the Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown looks when wet
blundstone boot review rain
Obligatory dog picture

My feet stayed dry and warm, and my feet felt firmly planted on the wet streets. There were spots that had black ice and the Blundstones were not the magic solution. I lost traction a few times but was able to regain my footing once I was on solid ground. After all, even the most grippy of surfaces is no match for a patch of black ice. As expected these performed much better than my Vans shoes in this situation. And did I mention my feet stayed dry? Oh yes, I did.

Off to Tennessee

A week later we flew from Long Beach, California to Nashville, Tennessee for my son’s hockey tournament. This 5-day trip consisted of 3 hockey rinks, exploring the streets of Nashville and Knoxville, a few museums, a mountain town near Great Smoky Mountains, and plenty of driving.

blundstone boot review traveling
The Parthenon In Nashville, TN is a must-see

The weather was pretty cold, in the mid-30s during the day with snow and rain. Of course the hockey rinks were brisk, and going out in the evening and early morning was freezing. The Blundstones performed admirably, once again keeping my feet warm and dry.

We did a TON of walking and my feet felt good by the end of the day. The 585s are very lightweight for a boot and if they fit you right it’ll feel like a perfectly formed piece of leather around your feet. I never experienced this with other boots and as much as I love my Thorogood and Redbacks, this is just different.

Just another 6am start at the hockey rink

Kids… we’re going to Vegas!

Fast-forward another month (February) and both of my kids had a hockey tournament in Las Vegas. Yes, we’re exhausted and glad the hockey season is over. As you can imagine, plenty of walking and exploring on this trip. We even made a side-trip and visited Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area about 30 minutes outside of Vegas.

Hiking With Blundstone Boots

Red Rock Canyon

I HIGHLY recommend this if you want to get away from the smoky casinos and noise. You can spend a day here or just a few hours driving around. There’s plenty of hikes and nature walks that you can make as easy or as hard as you want.

This was the first time I got to test out the Blundstones on some dirt and rocks. I had plenty of grip and as you can imagine my foot felt protected and stable. I’m used to hopping around this terrain in sandals or Vans shoes so this was a big upgrade. If was doing a super long hike I’d probably opt for some hiking boots, but for a few miles of rugged terrain the Blundstones will be fine. I haven’t got a chance to go camping with my Blundstone boots yet but I hope to in the very near future.


One shoe to rule them all

The best part is, you can dust them off and wear them with jeans and a nice shirt for a night out in Vegas later that evening. This is the only shoe I brought on this trip and that’s what I was hoping for when I bought them.

And that’s what brings me to love these boots. These Blundstones can dress up or dress down. I even throw these on with shorts once in awhile to walk the dog or go run errands. Going out to dinner is a breeze since these look great with pants and a button up shirt.

Blundstones in the rain

We’ve had an abnormally wet and rainy winter in Southern California. In the past three months we’ve had around five heavy storms which led to flooding and massive puddles. My Blundstones have held up perfectly, keeping the water out and my feet dry. I’ve splashed through some deep water when walking the dog with my daughter who loves to jump and smash some puddles. I wouldn’t call them waterproof (save that term for actual rain boots), but water-resistance has been fantastic.

Do the 585 Rustic Brown boots fit different than other Blundstone models?

That’s a question I’ve yet to answer. When I first got these in the mail I had never actually seen these boots in person. I was attracted to the rustic brown model because of the reviews — most said they look better a few years down the road than other models/colors since they already have that worn and rustic look to them. The outer leather is so soft and supple. My wife (who owns the Dr. Martens) was surprised when she put on my boots. She said they’re a lot lighter and softer, feel more like wearing a warm slipper than a rugged work boot. I guess that’s why I like them so much… I don’t feel like I am at work wearing my heavier boots. I suppose I’ll try the Blundstone Originals someday and see how they feel.

Blundstone 587 Rustic Black

If you’re looking for this boot in black, Blundstone makes them! You’d want to get the 587 Rustic Black. You can also find them on Amazon. They will be the same soft Nubuck leather that will for to your feet.

Sizing & Buying Blundstone Boots

As far as sizing goes…. do your research. I went a size down from my normal US size and they fit perfect. Since these are Australian sizes you need to do the same. If you can’t see them in store, I recommend buying two sizes from Amazon and returning the one that doesn’t fit you.

That’s what I did and the return process was a breeze. Since these are under the Blundstone 550 line, on Amazon you should find the version that says “Rustic Brown/Rustic Brown”. You might not even find “585” anywhere on the page. Make sure to see the Amazon Prime/Free Returns option when buying. Another retailer that sells these is Boot Barn’s website. If you choose the “ship to store” option you can try them on when they arrive at the store (they don’t stock these at the store) and if they don’t fit you, just leave them at the store for a refund. Trial and error and patience is key with these boots.

Any negatives to Blundstone 585 boots

As far as possible negatives go, because they fit so well all the way up the ankle, they don’t come off as easily as other slip on boots. Personally I don’t see this as a negative, but I thought I’d drop this tidbit here just so you have all the facts. Don’t expect to slip these off with one hand. I typically have to sit down and pry these off with two hands. But I love that. It’s why they feel so formed and snug around my entire foot.

Should you buy Blundstone boots?

Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown boots
Blundstone 585 after a day of rain

At this point I recommend these boots. Spending around $200 on a pair of shoes is not normal for me, but if these last a long time and continue to be comfortable it will be worth it. I can’t speak for other models of Blundstone boots, but for me the 585 Rustic Brown seems to be a sweet spot. I would say try and few different models and decide which you like best.


This is only a short term Blundstone Boot Review. I’ll be writing another article in about a year with my experience.

Happy Camping and Happy Travels!

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