Truck Camping: How I keep my Jackery power station always charged for daily use with my overland-built truck

My truck is set up for drop-of-the-hat camping and overlanding trips, but I also use certain aspects of this setup, such as the Jackery Power Station, for daily relaxing and hanging out during my lunch breaks at work. Since my job is outdoors, we have insufficient break room areas and I’d much rather kick back…

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truck without rtt

A word on overlanding with a ground tent — NOT with rooftop tent (RTT)

I was recently listening to a podcast called The Average Overlanders and the guests mentioned how they tried the rooftop tent experience and eventually moved away from it. It got me thinking… why haven’t I tried the RTT overlanding experience with my Toyota Tacoma? Of course, it has to do with me having a truck…

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gift ideas overlander

Last minute gift ideas for the overlander and camper in your family

If you’re shopping for a friend or family member who loves camping, overlanding, or just the outdoors in general. take a look at some of these last minute holiday gift ideas. I either own these or would want these (I’m looking at you family). With Christmas just a few weeks away — now is the…

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Testing the Jackery power station and 60-watt solar panels with a portable fridge

I am doing some controlled backyard testing of the Jackery SolarSaga 60-watt solar panel paired with Jackery’s entry-level Explorer 160 model power station. Our Kalamera Portable Fridge has become a staple in our camping gear box for extended trips and we’d love to be able to keep it powered by the sun. Keeping a portable…

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