Gazelle T4 vs. T4 Overland hub tent: What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between the regular/standard Gazelle T4 and the Overland edition hub tents? See the list below along with the details right after.

Price Check: Gazelle T4 Overland Hub Tent
Price Check: Gazelle T4 Standard Hub Tent (also available in green)

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Gazelle T4 Standard Hub Tent vs. Overland Hub Tent

  1. 300D footprint that goes under the tent for protection included on the Overland edition
  2. All-terrain stakes on the Overland edition
  3. Carry Bag on the Overland edition has sealed seams, zipper cover, and an external stakes pouch.

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Everything else on both of these tents is the same! When comparing the Gazelle T4 vs. T4 overland hub tent, these are all the differences. You can purchase some of this gear separately with the links below.

Here’s a photo of the all-terrain stakes up close, courtesy of the Gazelle website:

Gazelle sells the all-terrain tent stakes separately on

The Gazelle Overland duffle bag is a lot more rugged and water-resistant than the standard duffle bag. Here’s a photo of it up close:

Note: You can buy the Gazelle Overland T4 duffle bag separately on Amazon.

Lastly, the Gazelle Overland T4 tent footprint can also be purchased separately on Amazon.

Specs of the footprint:

  • For use with Gazelle T4 Hub Tents (GT400GR, GT401SS, 22272 and 30400)
  • Durable 300 denier Oxford weave polyester material is rated waterproof up to a 3000MM HH rating
  • Provides an added layer of protection to the floor of your tent
  • Includes tack down stakes to hold the footprint in place while you position the tent
  • Includes a convenient carry bag

If you buy all three separately, the price adds up! If I was to buy all over again I would purchase the Overland edition. But, as you can read on my Gazelle T4 Tent Review, I have the standard addition which I’ve owned since before the Overland edition came out.

Price Check: Gazelle T4 Overland Hub Tent
Price Check: Gazelle T4 Standard Hub Tent (also available in green)

Hope this article helped with your decision on which Gazelle T4 Hub tent to buy for you and your family. It sets up faster than most rooftop tents and it’s so easy to put away. We love ours and I’m sure you will love yours too.

Happy Camping!

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