For Sale: My beloved Livin Lite Quicksilver 10.0 lightweight pop up camper trailer

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I am reluctantly parting ways with my 2015 Livin Lite Quicksilver 10.0 camper trailer. It’s currently up for sale and I’m located in Southern California. As many of you know from my articles, it was a great little camper trailer that opens up to a massive space for families and couples looking for basic amenities.

Weighing only 1,500 lbs., the Livin Lite Quicksilver 10.0 makes for a great base camp that pretty much any car can pull. Loaded down with 500 lbs. of camping gear, I can hardly feel it behind my V6 Toyota Tacoma. With two queen beds (one on each side), a dinette/full-size bed, sink, heater, electrical, and the factory offroad package, we were able to get to some great places and make memories.

With that said, it’s time for me to move onto a new adventure. We’re selling our Quicksilver 10.0 camper trailer because I’ve always wanted to get a real truck bed camper on the back of my truck and I can’t have both. I fell in love with truck bed camping & overlanding and want to level up that method of camping this year. More on that soon!

Livin Lite 10.0 Photos

If you have a big family and enjoy camping at campgrounds and remote places, the Livin Lite Quicksilver 10.0 is a great option. It’s constructed out of aluminum framing and floor, so no wood to rot. The camper is spacious and tall, has electrical campground hookups or runs off battery, real heater/furnace, sink with campsite water hookups, extra ground clearance, and a cargo platform on the back.

Shoot me an email using our contact page or at if you’re interested in this camper and would like to take a look.

There is a fantastic Livin Lite Quicksilver Facebook Group that you should check out to research these campers more.

Happy Camping everyone!

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