Review: Blundstone Boots in the rain

blundstones in the rain

Last week I published my short-term review of the Blundstone Boots, specifically the Rustic Brown (585 model) from the 550 line. I touched on how my Blundstone boots performed in rain, but I wanted to write this post to give a little more detail.

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Southern California isn’t typically know for rain but somehow, someway, we’ve had a TON of rain the past few months and we’re officially out of a drought. Or so they say. Luckily for me, I picked up the Blundstone 550 Rustic Brown [Amazon Link] boots before all these atmospheric rivers hit and I have relied on these boots to get me through some crazy rain and a little bit snow.

How did the Blundstone Boots perform in the rain?

I am very happy with them so far. Just this morning we had heavy downpour and I had to get the kids to school. My 6-year old loves when I walk her all the way to class so I couldn’t let the rain deter me. We walked through deep puddles and torrential rain without any water seeping in.

blundstone boots in the rain
Standing in a puddle with my Blundstone boots

As mentioned in my Blundstone Boots Review, these boots have seen rain, snow, dirt and mud in three different states in the past 3 months. These make for great travel boots and fantastic everyday shoes.

Photos: Blundstone boots in the rain and snow

On Blundstone’s website they say the 550 boots are water-resistant, they don’t claim to be waterproof. Personally when companies claim to be waterproof I am leery as I’ve had “waterproof” boots and my feet still got wet. I read a lot of reviews before purchasing these boots and saw a common conclusion — these bad boys will keep your feet dry. Sure enough, they were right.

Blundstone waterproof spray — does it work?

I purchased the waterproofing spray that Blundstone sells on their website to make sure I have the most protection. I could have bought some from another brand, but I really wanted to make sure I got the right one for my Rustic Brown model boots that are a soft nubuck leather rather than a smooth hard leather. Sometimes these sprays and creams will discolor your boots, usually making them darker — and I wanted to give them the best shot and that NOT happening. Sure enough the color stayed the same and I can see the water beading up on the boot and eventually sliding right down to the ground. Not sure if I needed this spray, but I figured why not.

I don’t expect to be able to stand in a puddle for upwards of ten minutes and keep dry — it’s leather after all. These are not advertised as waterproof. For that situation I recommend actual rain boots.

Do I recommend Blundstone boots when it’s raining?

I’d say absolutely yes. In fact, if I see rain in the forecast I make sure to wear these instead of regular shoes.

You can purchase Blundstones boots from Amazon or their website.

Happy Travels and Happy Camping!

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