first gen tundra overland

We bought a First Gen Tundra and sold the Tacoma for our overlanding truck camper build

If you’ve been following our pages for awhile you’d know that we have had a few different camping setups over the years. Whether it was the Gazelle tent, Livin’ Lite Quicksilver pop up camper trailer, or Softopper camping setup, all suited our needs for specific times in our life and various needs. Through all that…

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truck without rtt

A word on overlanding with a ground tent — NOT with rooftop tent (RTT)

I was recently listening to a podcast called The Average Overlanders and the guests mentioned how they tried the rooftop tent experience and eventually moved away from it. It got me thinking… why haven’t I tried the RTT overlanding experience with my Toyota Tacoma? Of course, it has to do with me having a truck…

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gift ideas overlander

Last minute gift ideas for the overlander and camper in your family

If you’re shopping for a friend or family member who loves camping, overlanding, or just the outdoors in general. take a look at some of these last minute holiday gift ideas. I either own these or would want these (I’m looking at you family). With Christmas just a few weeks away — now is the…

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air compressor offroad tires

Viair 88P Air Compressor Review – critical gear for offroad & overland road trips

Someone recently asked me what preparation and recovery gear is essential if you’re going offroad or overlanding. One of the first things that always comes to mind is the Viair 88P portable air compressor. Airing down your tires when going offroad is important and you’ll need a quick way to air them back up when…

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