Tire Table Review: A tire-mounted table for overlanders and campers

review of tire table tailgater

The Tire Table by Tailgater is yet another piece of gear for overlanders who love things attached to their vehicle. It’s sturdy, fast to setup, and stows away nicely. It’s also kind of pricey. Is it useful enough to validate the price? Check out our Tire Table Review.

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My Review of the Tire Table by Tailgater

I’ve used the Tire Table by Tailgater on about 4 trips in various terrain and so far it hasn’t failed me. Setup is fairly easy, although you do have to know how it works beforehand. Handing it off to someone who hasn’t seen one of these and asking them to set up the table probably won’t fly. Now that I’ve done it multiple times I can definitely set it up in under a minute.

Once it’s set up you will have a very sturdy platform. It works as a cook station and I’ve also used it to hold heavy jugs of water and even my rotomolded cooler. They are rated up to 50 lbs. and I’m sure mine has held that weight no problem. You can either set up the leg to butt-up against the bottom of a tire or straight down onto the ground. I prefer the ground method, but if you’re in sand or rocks, the tire is fine. I have 33-inch tires and the Tire Table by Tailgater is tall enough. And it looks great next to my Softopper!

Video: Cooking on the Tire Table

Pros and Cons of the Tire Table


  • Compact and easy to store or strap to roof rack
  • Doesn’t need flat terrain
  • Heavy duty and solid
  • Grated surface — fantastic for tasks that include water (example: wash station, water bottle refills)
  • Attaches to vehicle if you like that sort of thing (overlander’s delight)
  • Works with 33-inch tires


  • Expensive
  • Setup is not straightforward as a regular fold-up table
  • Not big enough for longer trips with multiple people
  • Small parts that can be lost in the sand

Expanding on some of those items. I absolutely love using this is a washing station to cleanup your hands, face, teeth, etc. I’m not advocating to allow dirty water to dump out next to your truck, but these tasks including splashing and this is the right table for this.

For longer trips when I bring the whole family, I definitely bring along one of my larger Lifetime fold-up tables. They are relatively compact and usually sturdy enough for most tasks. My Tire Table will be complimentary to that table. It’s always nice having two flat surfaces to work on.

Tire Table by Tailgater Best Price

As far as price goes, this is overlanding. These specialty items will be expensive. I picked up mine on the used market for under $100. New, these typically run $130 and up. Check the price at Amazon, sometimes the price dips. If you want the aluminum version to save a few points, you’ll be even more. In the end, if you feel it’s worth it, then it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s nice to have something sturdy, compact, and easy to set up out on the trails.

I recommend this product if you have the money and go camping and overlanding often. If you’re the occasional camper looking for a decent table, you can’t go wrong with a Lifetime Table for camping.

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Nothing beats a good campsite sunrise 🙂

Happy Camping and stay safe on the trails!

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