Kammok Crosswing Awning Reviews — quick shade for overlanding and camping?

crosswing awning review

I spent a good part of the day looking for a Kammok Crosswing Awning review. It’s a newer product, so most of the smaller review sites (like this one) haven’t got their hands on it yet. We’ve compiled a short list of Crosswing awning reviews to help you better research the product.

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Why the Crosswing awning?

First off, I’ll say that I am very interested in this product. I’ve been looking for an awning like this for quite awhile — one that deploys very quickly and is super easy to put away. Not only do I want this quick setup for camping and overlanding, but also for my lunch breaks at work, at the kids sporting events, and trips to the beach. For those quick 15 minute hangouts I am reluctant to setup an awning that takes more than a few minutes to setup and then even more cumbersome to put away.

But my main issue with this new awning from Kammok is I haven’t been able to find many user reviews.

Now onto my main point of this article…

List of Kammok Crosswing Awning reviews

Most of these are not full-blown extensive reviews. My goal was to find user reviews generated on forums and community pages. I also searched for full-blown detailed reviews of the Crosswing Awning. Let’s get started:

As you can see, none of these are actual Kammok Crosswing Awning reviews. The problem is, there just aren’t many reviews out there. This product is not in the hands of many consumers or camping/overlanding reviewers.

Hopefully I can get one on my truck soon. I’ve been wanting to mount an awning on the rear of my truck over the tailgate. This might be THE ONE, but for nearly a thousand dollars I’d like to read some reviews first. Of course you can just read some of the customer reviews on their website, but those are short and lacking detail. A number of the many 270-degree awnings for much less money have plenty of reviews to dig through. I’ll be patient with this product since it’s new. Heck, I may just have to be the Guinea pig.

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Do you have experience with the Kammok Crosswing Awning? Sound off in the comments below!

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