Amazon Prime Day camping deals by Jackery portable power stations and solar panels

My Jackery 160 portable power station has been a staple in my camping gear for the past few years. It charges everything from phones, bluetooth speakers, dog training collars, tablets, and even my portable fridge. Right now Amazon Prime Day is going on and they are having huge discounts on a few Jackery products.

Jackery Power Station best deals

Jackery Solar Saga 60w on sale for $54 off

I picked up the 60w solar panel today to power my Jackery 160 power station. It normally is fine for 2-3 day trips, but I recently picked up a portable fridge for camping and it drains my Jackery fairly quickly if it’s hot outside. I’d like to keep it charged up with the power of the sun so I jumped on this deal!

Have you tried the Jackery portable power station setups?

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