Camping photos from the flower superbloom at Anza Borrego – 2019

little blair valley

My brother made a quick trip out to Anza Borrego, CA this past week to get a glimpse of the wildflower superbloom and do some dispersed camping. Being late spring after huge rains, it was bound to be an extremely busy weekend out there. Instead of staying near the crowds around Borrego Springs, he followed one of the trails in my Guide to California Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails book (highly recommended) and got away from people.

Sadly I couldn’t make the trip, but he did share some photos that I can post here. Getting out to Little Blair Valley requires traveling on dirt roads and no camping amenities. You’re on your own out there. Have a look at some of the photos he got out there…

Anza Borrego wildflower superbloom

The weather in Anza Borrego is absolutely perfect in springtime, but as summer approaches you should be prepared for late morning heat and uncomfortable temps by midday.

I look forward to visiting Little Blair Valley next time I can get out there. What’s your favorite area of Anza Borrego?

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