Camping with a Mr. Heater Buddy propane heater in the tent

mr heater buddy camping

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Can you go camping with a Mr. Heater Buddy in the tent? There are endless tips for cold-weather camping, but in the end a Mr. Heater Buddy propane heater can make the biggest difference when trying to get a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re tent camping, truck camping, or rollin with a pop-up tent camper, staying warm will always be a priority for those cold nights.

Warming up the tent with a propane heater

My family uses the Mr. Heater Buddy to heat up the tent before bed, during midnight potty runs, and in the morning when waking up. I even use it while camping in the bed of my truck. The kids and wife will thank you when it’s time to change clothes or make a potty run at 1am. The cold desert air at 6am can make a camping trip torturous until you’re dressed and warmed up!

Our usual morning camp routine is I wake up (or I’m woken up) and I immediately fire up the Mr. Heater Buddy for the family and leave the tent to start a campfire. By the time I’m finished building the fire the kids are warming up in the tent and getting dressed for the day. Lucky them — they get a nice warm fire to sit around at 7am.

The alternative is they are too cold to get out of their sleeping bags and we get a late start on the day! Sometimes that’s fine, but when desert camping I’d rather get some hiking and exploring done before the afternoon sun hits.

We’ll be camping at Big Sur and I’ll be using this heater in our tent to warm things up in the morning!

Can you sleep with the Mr. Heater Buddy on while camping?

I wouldn’t recommend sleeping in an enclosed space with this running. If you must — open up some windows to allow ventilation and run at carbon monoxide detector in the tent. The Mr. Heater Buddy has a sensor that shuts off the system when tipped over so the risk of fire is minimal. But it’s extremely hot and a tent is flammable. For these reasons I try not to have the heater turned on while sleeping in a tent.

A pop-up trailer might be a little safer since there are flat, solid, and stable surfaces and plenty of ventilation. However, you should be able to warm the tent before bed and make use of a cold-weather sleeping bag and beanie — giving you one of the best night’s sleeps you’ll have.

Do you use the Mr. Heater Buddy while camping or overlanding? Let us know in the comments below! Click here to pick one up at Amazon for under $100. It’s one of our favorite camping items in our box.

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