Best Solar Panels for Camping and Overlanding

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Dispersed camping in the middle of nowhere is my absolute favorite, but it does come with its challenges. If you want a few luxuries when you don’t have hookups then you’ll need to find a way to get your own power. We’ll take a look at some of the best solar panels for camping and overlanding so you can stay out longer and farther away from civilization.

Top 5 solar panels for camping and overlanding

We looked at a mix of value, customer reviews, and solar capacity to make the list below!

1. Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Off Grid Portable Foldable Suitcase Panel w/ Charger Controller included

This is the one we have! I’ve used it on two trips so far and it has kept my camper battery topped off. We ran the heater all night and also charge up our Jackery 160 Power Station each day. It folds away nicely and seems really sturdy so far. Highly recommended, especially being under $300.

2. Jackery Solar Saga 60W Panel with Jackery 160 Power Station

Heck of a combo here for around $300. This setup is perfect for someone who just wants power to charge up bluetooth speakers, phones, tablets, laptops, etc. That little solar panel packs a punch at 60W and only 3.3lbs. We’ve owned this power station for a few years now and goes on all of our trips. Highly recommended!

You can also buy the Jackery 100W Portable Solar Panel for around $300 as a standalone device.

3. Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase Solar Panel

Similar to the Renogy 100W foldable panel I mentioned in the first one, this panel folds up into a nice briefcase and is easy to transport. Pair this with a solar charger and you’re set to top off your camper battery or favorite power station. It has over 500 reviews at Amazon so you have plenty of recommendations.

4. Rockpals SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel with USB Ports

This is the jack of all trades solar panel for camping. You can plug your devices straight into this bad boy and it comes with plenty of connectors for various power stations. This would be a darn good choice for those looking for value. Priced around $200 it’s not a bad deal.

5. GoerTek 25,000mAh Solar Power Bank

Not quite a standalone solar panel. This is a power bank with a solar panel built in. Strictly for keeping your small electronic device charged. For $50, you can’t go wrong if you want a cheap charging solution.

Now we know it’s a hot topic — should we bring electronic devices camping? Read that link if you wanna see our thoughts on the subject.

Other Solar Options for Camping

I’ll be reviewing more solar panels in the future! If know of a solar panel for camping that belongs on this list let us know in the comments below.

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