Where to buy Gazelle T3, T4 Hub Tent and best prices

gazelle tent hub best price

Hands down, the best ground tent I’ve ever owned is the Gazelle T4 Hub Tent. And I’ve owned many camping tents over the years! Because of the popularity of Gazelle tents it’s been really hard to find one in stock. We will use this page to make an updated list of where to buy a Gazelle T3 and T4 hub and the best prices available.

In Stock? Gazelle T3, T4 Hub Tent availability

Currently those are the only places to buy Gazelle tents. We purchased ours directly from Gazelle and it arrived within a week.

Gazelle T4 Tent Hub Review

I reviewed the Gazelle T4 Tent Hub a few months ago. It’s a great place to see some photos in the wild of this amazing ground tent and get some real world perspective.

Why I love it? Here’s an excerpt from my review:

“The great thing about the Gazelle tent is there are no poles to fumble with. You simply pop out the four sides and  roof. Done. If you want the rain-fly you’ll have to refer your brain back to a standard tent and line up four small poles and do some finagling. It’s really not that hard unless you wait until 3am when the rain starts. I still get nightmares about all the tent poles I’ve dealt with over my lifetime of camping.”

From our Gazelle Tent Hub review.

There plenty of reviews on Amazon and Youtube as well.

Please share with us in the comments below when you find a better price on Gazelle tents or in stock alerts.

Safe travels and happy camping!

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