Right Now: Jackery is having big sales on their portable power stations and solar panels

If you’ve been eyeing a portable power station to help power your electronics at the campsite, now might be the time to buy. Jackery is having big Prime early access sales on both Amazon and their website. We’ve reviewed and approve of Jackery products! Let’s take a look at these Jackery deals.

Jackery Prime Early Access Deals for 2022

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jackery deals
Jackery 300 for $209.99 is probably the best value!

Don’t forget the Jackery carrying case for your power station. It’s been great to keep mine protected.

You do have to be an Amazon Prime member to access these Jackery deals at. Jackery is also holding similar deals at their website.

Which is the best Jackery deal?

I think the best balance of value and price is the Jackery Explorer 300 for $209.99. That’s almost a no-brainer. I’ve used the little Jackery 160 for almost 3 years and it’s been great. The 300 should be plenty of power and capacity for your camping or overland trip and it doesn’t break the bank. If you need to run bigger appliances or plan to be off the grid for month’s on end… the Explorer 500 at $425.99 is a solid value.

Is a solar panel necessary? Again… that depends on your intended use? I have the 60 watt version, and wish I had opted for the 100w.

Besides these Jackery deals, what other items are you looking to get during Amazon’s big Early Access Prime event?

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