Get Amazon gift cards for Xmas? Here’s my favorite camping gear right now

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I always love getting an Amazon gift card for Christmas. It let’s me buy whatever I want guilt-free and usually I grab something for camping or outdoors. Check out my quick list of my favorite camping gear in our arsenal right now.

Favorite Camping Gear from our 2020 Camping Trips

A few pieces of camping gear that we loved this year:

Luci Light — Inflatable solar-powered LED lantern

I picked one of these up a few months ago and I’m really excited about these. They recharge during the day and put off just enough light at night.

$15-25 dollars — Check Price at Amazon

Jackery Portable Power Station

One of my all-time favorite camping items. Charge your phones, bluetooth speakers, laptops and more with this nifty little device.

$118-$125 — Check Price at Amazon

Coleman Gas Camping Stove

You can’t go wrong with this classic camping stove under $50. Runs of those little green propane cannisters and provides plenty of heat for cooking your favorite camp meals.

$40-45 dollars — Check Price at Amazon

Gazelle T4 Hub Tent

We absolutely love this tent. Check out our review of the Gazelle T4 Hub Tent.

$279-300 — Check Price at

Stanley Coffee Press for Camping

$20-$25 — Check Price at Amazon

What’s your favorite gear for camping?

Let me know what camping gear you plan on picking up for the upcoming camping season! Happy New Years to everyone and let’s hope 2021 treats the world better.

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