Cooking breakfast for friends and family is one of my favorite things to do at camp. I enjoy a good breakfast outdoors more than a campfire dinner. Prepping your breakfast beforehand can make your camping trip a lot easier and here’s what we do…

cooking eggs camping

Prepare the eggs for an easy camp breakfast

Scramble eggs at home before the trip. Add salt/pepper and even onions and bell peppers if you want to go all out. You can chop ham and mix it in. We transport the eggs mixture in a sealed liquid container. An even easier method is to buy a carton of pre-scrambled eggs at the grocery store and throw it in your food cooler. The one I get comes with bell peppers and seasoning already mixed in. Throw them on your favorite camping grill or open fire and enjoy. Delicious and easy!

Our camp breakfast usually includes eggs, frozen hash brown potatoes (helps keep the cooler cool) and sausages. This makes your camp neighbors jealous and your belly happy with plenty of fuel for a strenuous late morning hike. The best part is you can cook it all in one big cast iron pan (this one is our favorite) over the open fire or your camp stove.

camping eggs
Camp breakfast in the desert!

Really want to go easy? Boil eggs before the trip and store them in the cooler — nobody wants to be cracking eggs while camping.

There are plenty more camping breakfast hacks out there so let us know your tips in the comments below.