How to secure your camper trailer from theft in your driveway and campsite

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There are many ways to secure your pop up trailer or travel trailer at your campsite or driveway but none of them are surefire. The goal should be to make it as difficult as possible to steal, and just like home security, this is done with multiple layers of annoyance and deterrence for the thieves looking to drive away with your camper.

Being new owners of a Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 10.0 pop up trailer, I am fresh to the world of camper trailers. One of the first things I wanted to do was make sure our family investment is secure both in the driveway and at the campsite if we leave to go fishing or hiking for the day. As of right now we have two or three layers of security for protecting our camper from being stolen and we’re always open to adding more.

How we secure our camper trailer in the driveway

Items we use:

Trailer Tongue Coupler Lock

This takes the place of the coupler pin that allows the trailer coupler to accept a tow ball. Spend around $10-$30 for one of these and you’re set. We use one like this. Now someone can’t simply pull up, hook up their tow ball and drive away. However, a thief can still hook up the safety chains and drag away your camper. These can be cut off so another layer of security is needed.

Tire Clamp Wheel Lock (like a tire boot when you get a parking ticket)

We have one like this. I’ve only seen these contraptions in movies that are set in New York or Chicago. Same concept. Put one of these bad boys around your tire and your trailer isn’t going anywhere. Like the coupler lock, this can but cut or pried off so it’s not 100%.

Camper trailer wheel lock
Wheel lock for my camper trailer – check price at Amazon.

Between these two items so far you would need to make a lot of noise. It’s smart to get to know your neighbors and look out for eachother. I have the phone number of three of my neighbors within a few houses and across the street — if any of us see something odd we all get a text or call.

Motion Sensor Lights and Camera

If you come near my house you’re going to be on camera and blasted with light. It’s been this way since before I got my camper. I’m instantly notified on our phones and I can even communicate with the subject. There are many security camera/sensor options out there but we just so happen to use Ring.

floodlight camper over camper trailer
Ring Floodlight Camera lighting up my driveway.

The floodlight camera we have wired above the garage looking down onto the driveway because up any motion and provides me with an instant notification and image of what’s going on in the driveway. The light also turns on which should work great to deter anyone.

Check Price at Amazon. We got it on Amazon Prime Day for around $180.

More options to prevent camper trailer theft

There’s an endless list of solutions to secure your tent trailer, boat, camper, etc. but always remember it’s best to have multiple layers. I will eventually add a steel heavy duty chain connected to a eye-hook drilled into concrete. A friend mentioned I should get a vibration alarm sensor that are commonly used for motorcycles or dirt bikes. If my trailer is rocked or vibrated the alarm will chirp. If the vibration doesn’t stop an alarm will go off.

Lastly… Get a dog.

dog best security
Our family dog, Shoshone.

Nothing comes up our driveway without her knowing about it. And she is sure to let them know!

Securing Trailer at the Campsite

I use the locks I linked in this article to secure the camper at the campsite, including the wheel lock if we plan to drive away for the day and leave it unattended. Most camp neighbors are honest people, but if you’re out remote camping or dispersed camping this can be important.

What other options have you thought of to secure your camper trailer at the campsite and in your driveway?

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