There’s a bunch of camping deals at Amazon today!

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Heads up. Stanley (camping products) has teamed up with Amazon for the “Deal of the Day“. This promotion usually marks down products 30-40% for the day until items sell out. If you’ve been looking for great deals on camping gear for yourself or a Christmas gift for a friend now is a time to head over and check it out.

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I picked up the Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set and their All-in-one Boil & French Press coffee maker. Both were not expensive and are small and lightweight. My goal this year has been to shrink down the amount of stuff we take camping. These two items should help reach both of those goals.

The Best Camping Gear Deal today

Probably the best product for new campers or families wanting to shore up their gear box is the Stanley Base Camp Cook Set. It’s meant for four people so everyone gets a dish or if you’re going with one other person there’s a few extra plates. Normally $80 — it’s on sale for $47. Heck of a deal.


Let us know if you grabbed anything from this list for yourself or as a holiday gift for a loved one. With holidays fast approaching we’ll be keeping an eye out on deals like this!

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