Gazelle T4 Hub Tent Review — one of the easiest tents I’ve ever setup

gazelle t4 tent review

In this article we review the Gazelle T4 Hub Tent. This tent is easy to set up and durable, making it a solid option for camping and overlanding. Priced under $400 you can hit the ground running and get out to your favorite campground or remote piece of solitude without dreading poles and loops.

Gazelle T4 Hub Tent: Best Price at Amazon

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A fast setup ground tent for camping and overlanding

Camping vs. Overlanding has been covered here a few times — and while different — does not specifically dictate where you sleep. Some overlanders sleep in a rooftop tent, the bed of a truck, and some in a ground tent. It’s all up to your budget and preference.

We went overlanding. With a ground tent!

Gazelle Tents gives those who prefer ground tents for camping or overlanding a great option. The advertised 90-second setup is true — this bad boy sets up and comes down in a jiffy. If you keep your camp simple it’s an easy task to pull off the side of a trail, set up the tent, and be ready to relax in a few minutes. A big plus over a RTT is you can leave your tent and go for an offroad night run. When you get back to camp you won’t have to fumble with setting up a tent on the roof — in the dark.

Easiest tent to setup with no poles

We’ve used our Gazelle T4 Tent for about 10 nights on four different trips in the past year, all of which my wife was in charge of setup while I barked orders from a chair. I was recovering from shoulder surgery and she’s amazing. I honestly think I could have set it up with just one working arm and help from my 8-year old if I really needed to. It’s truly remarkable how fast camp setup can be if 30+ minutes isn’t spent getting a tent ready just for a one or two night trip.

gazelle tent takedown
Wife and son taking down the Gazelle tent.

The great thing about the Gazelle tent is there are no poles to fumble with. You simply pop out the four sides and  roof. Done. If you want the rain-fly you’ll have to refer your brain back to a standard tent and line up four small poles and do some finagling. It’s really not that hard unless you wait until 3am when the rain starts. I still get nightmares about all the tent poles I’ve dealt with over my lifetime of camping.

Size and storage

As far as space goes, the T4 by Gazelle is enough room for two adults and two small kids. Our 70lb. German Shepard dog fits inside with us but then it gets a little cramped. With my kids rapidly getting bigger we might have to find another sleep solution for the dog. Maybe I’ll set her up in the bed of my truck next time. Save that thought for another article. The wife and I sleep on my much-loved Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pads and the kids are still comfy on the floor.

fake sleeping camping
Dad says it’s too early to wake up. Kids fake sleep inside the Gazelle Tent.

There are plenty of pockets inside the tent for storing keys, wallets, flashlights, etc. And the upper sides have a big “catch-all” area where you can stuff in lightweight sweaters, beanies, and sleeping bag storage covers. Up top you have a loop for hanging a light and also a little more storage. I really enjoy all of these options to keep clutter off the ground.

Two doors and removable base

Another great thing about the Gazelle tent is the bottom is completely removable. You can open a part of it to sweep it out after a trip or rinse and drain it if you’ve had a big spill.

gazelle tent
Doors on opposite sides of the tent.

Not to mention it has two doors so you can setup your sleeping areas to allow for the parents to get out on one side and kids on the other side. You won’t have to climb over everyone if you’re farthest from the door or you can make one side for exiting only.

Packed down size can be an issue

When it’s stored in the bag it’s quite hefty and long. At nearly 5 feet long you’ll need to get creative if you don’t have a long bed truck or mount in on the roof during travel. If you have a small SUV or car you’ll have to get creative.

Weighing in at 30lbs. the Gazelle T4 is nothing to sneeze at. But if you just need a tent for one or two people the Gazelle T3 is much more manageable. This is the version I’m trying to convince my brother to get for him and his fiance.

tent on mountain

Gazelle T4 Tent Hub Manufacturer specs

Rather than try to list them out myself I rather show you what the manufacturer says. Here’s a list from their websites:

  • Fits 4 people with plenty of room for additional gear
  • 78” tall allowing you to move around freely
  • Hub design makes assembly fast and easy
  • Six, tight-weave mesh windows
  • Two D-shaped doors with tight-weave mesh screens
  • Beefy YKK® zippers for durability
  • Removable floor for easy clean up
  • Removable gear loft, two side storage pockets, and four wall mounted pouch pockets
  • Removable rain fly to protect you from the elements
  • 210D Oxfor Weave shell material is waterproof upto a 2000MM HH Rating
  • 300D Oxford Weave floor material is waterproof upto 5000MM HH Rating
  • All Materials feature a UV50+ Rating
  • Also available in Nature Green

Gazelle Tents and where to buy them

I hope you enjoyed my Gazelle tent review. It’s really opened us up to more camping as a family since it’s just so easy to put up. We literally camped an extra night at another spot instead of returning home — solely because of the Gazelle tent.

Gazelle sells multiple sizes of their hub tents, and even a new Overland Edition.

Gazelle’s new Overland Edition tent is more rugged than the regular T4.
Gazelle T4 Hub Tent: Best Price at Amazon

You can get the T4 Plus — which is like mine but with an added bonus room. The T3 which is a bit smaller, or the new T8 for big families.

Happy Camping!

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